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William M. Dupree - Sculptor

I live within the earth, in an esker in the woods in the heart of the Great Cedar Swamp of Westborough, Massachusetts.

My work is inspired by the ancient and the tribal, by the beauty, the divinity, the numinosity in each one of us. Enhanced perception of our own divinity is the goal. If one can see themselves, their fears about themselves, and the divine simultaneously in a statue then perhaps they can see the numinous qualities, the sacred in themselves and in all that surrounds them; perhaps they can know that they are one with the earth, with the sky, with all that lives, with all that is.

The work is best when it is created to fill a particular place, or purpose, or circumstance, or desire. Contact me if you would like to have something created for you.

E-mail: wmd@cedarswampstudios.org

Mailing address:

57 Flanders Road
Westborough, MA 01581